My mission is to be your music producer…

no matter where you are.

You will achieve what you strive for.

-Jeremy Thrasher
Music Producer Stainless Skill Main

The World Revolves Around Music

You may not realize it but our PLANET needs music.

If you are a music artist then the planet needs you!

Music has always been here and it will never go away. If you have the passion  for creating music then you must realize you truly have a gift and you shouldn’t waste it by not letting your musical voice be heard.

Express yourself through your music and reach others in ways you have never imagined possible.

Music has the power to invoke emotions for the better of mankind.

Not a music producer? Don’t worry. That’s why I am here.

Music Starts With Us!



I find that I am happiest when I have the freedom to be creative!

As a music producer, it’s nice to be able to use my imagination to create new things.

Working with music, the creative possibilities are endless.


I can express myself in ways that words can not.

Through music, I can speak the universal language that anyone can understand… anywhere.

There is always someone, somewhere, who needs to hear the voice of music… music is a necessity and it is my pleasure provide it.

Career Potential

There is no job better than being able to produce happiness for yourself and others.

If I wasn’t a music producer, I’d probably spend the rest of my life working in a career I didn’t truly enjoy.

Being a music producer allows me to be my an entrepreneur… I’d rather have full control over my career as opposed to letting others control my growth.

If I did not take music production seriously, my talents would be pointless!


Hi, my name is Jeremy Thrasher a.k.a Stainless Skill.

I was born in Sacramento, California, and raised in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Yes! Those are two wildly opposite places. I graduated from Grant Union High school in Sacramento, CA. Not long after I graduated high school, I left the house to start my life.

I was never an entrepreneur until the age of 26. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I had different plans in the beginning. Like most of us I was told to go to college and get a great job/career. With that being said, I joined the military and continued my college education. I graduated from Southwestern College in 2013 and earned my Bachelors of Science in “Computer Operations Technology”. Being around highly educated people in my military career, I was encouraged to purse my Master’s degree soon after completing my bachelors. Hardly a year later, I earned my Master’s of Science in Cybersecurity with Excelsior College in 2014. 

After having so much education done, I thought it would be time to change careers to take advantage of having my degree. I pursed a new military career related to technology but it did not go as planned. Long story short, in order to achieve my next goal in life I had to get the approval from other people. After a number of disapprovals, I quickly found out that this was not how I wanted my life to be controlled. Since then, I’ve focused more on being a music producer/entrepreneur where I have full control over my career and the ability to decide my own future.

Throughout all my years, I always had a passion for music and I planned on being a music producer after I had a more stable career. I was occasionally making beats and messing around with music games like Magix Music Mixer and Xbox Music Mixer. When I was told about Fruity Loops, I used it for a while to make remixes of video game music because I was a huge fan of video games back then. I did not make a good amount of instrumentals until I bought Propellerhead’s Reason. I consider Reason to be my first ever digital audio workstation “DAW” to learn and I used it primarily to make my own original beats. After I starting taking music production even more serious, I invested in Pro Tools for obvious reasons. Ever since then, I’ve been creating new beats.

I have always been a fan of the Rap and Hiphop styles of music. Naturally, my instrumentals vibe stems from that of rap beats. The bass in rap music was always my favorite. It was something about those heavy bass beats that was always intriguing to me. Even to this day, I still love to listen to catchy beats with awesome bass lines. After building my own sound using heavy bass lines, I had to start doing more than making beats since my tracks started becoming desirable. 

Today, I work as a music producer in Grand Terrace, CA. I can do everything from making the beat, recording in the booth plus, mixing and mastering. Working with me you can have a project completely done from start to finish in one place.

Currently, I am working on getting video production, training and more tools for producers and artists included into my workflow. Be on the lookout for those services. In sum, I am here to help you pursue your career in music. If you are an Artist, you can easily get associated with me through downloading free rap beats or emailing me through my contact page. Now that we’ve met, lets make some music together!

Your friend,

Stainless Skill